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“Who Are We?” What Makes The Church at West Franklin Distinct?


Every church is. There is something different about every single congregation. Something different from their history that separates them. Something they desire to be in the future that separates them. No church is exactly like another. Yes, that includes those larger churches who have regional campuses. The Church at Avenue South is different from The Church at Station Hill. The Church at Station Hill is different from Brentwood. Brentwood is different from The Church at West Franklin. Each campus shares the same foundation, purpose, and values.  But there are particular ways each campus is distinct.

Brentwood knows what makes her distinct. As do Avenue South and Station Hill. They don't just say it. They have identified areas that make them distinct and separate from others.

The Church at West Franklin is distinct too. But in what ways? We have yet to clearly identify what makes separates us. We know we are in West Franklin. We know we are no longer West Franklin Baptist. We know we are a Regional Campus of Brentwood Baptist. But outside of that, our identity is blurry.

I have some thoughts and ideas as to what makes us different. But I need help. I need YOUR help.

In order for us to identify ways God has set us apart as a distinct church in West Franklin, I need your input.

Over the next 2 Wednesday Nights - during Coffee House Theology - I want to hear from YOU. This Wednesday, April 22nd, I am going to ask this question:

In what specific ways have you seen God work here in the past?

I want to know. I want to hear from you who have been a part of this congregation for a while. How have you - specifically - seen God work here in ways that are particular to West Franklin?

The following Wednesday (April 29th), I want to come back and ask a different question:

In what specific ways to do you desire to see God work in the future?

I want to know how you envision God working in the next 5, 10, 15, and 20 years? How do you - specifically - think God may choose to work in the future in ways that are particular to West Franklin?

I am going to do something similar with the deacons and the ministerial staff and other key leaders. Though I am not sure, I assume that there will be some overlap of thoughts and ideas in what I hear. From this feedback, I plan to take key thoughts and develop a list of 5-7 distinctives for The Church at West Franklin.

Of course, everyone is invited for both Wednesday nights and I hope to have a big crowd each time. However, this Wednesday the 22nd I am particularly looking to hear from those who have been here over the past 5-10 years. Likewise, on the 29th I am eager to hear from those who have young families and are fairly new to the church and area. I do not believe it is by accident that any one is at The Church at West Franklin. I believe God is very intentional about who and what and where and when. Your presence makes us distinct. I want to hear from you as we seek our particular identity.

Please prayerfully consider these questions. Then bring your thoughts to Coffee House Theology. It should be lots of fun.