November UUPG | Kalbi

November 1 - November 30

The Kalbi people originate from Rajasthan, a northern state in India, and they have migrated to other parts of India, including the southern states. They speak Marwari, a language from Rajasthan very similar to Hindi and Gujarati. Traditionally they are farmers as some even say the name of their people comes from the word for “plough.” They are Hindu, and their chief deity is Anjani Mata as some even take pilgrimages to a temple where it is found. They are one of the largest unengaged, unreached people groups in South Asia with a population of almost 600,000. The Kalbi people have a long, deep-rooted religious history that can make gospel penetration seemingly impossible from a human perspective, but our God is the God of the impossible and desires salvation for the Kalbi people. Let’s pray He would do more than we can ask or imagine.