3 “Pastoral” P’s Every Member Should Pursue

If we aren't careful (and I intentionally use the word "we" because yours truly is chief), Sunday morning church can be all about us. What WE need. What WE want. What preferences WE have. What ways WE need ministering. All of that is fine and good and, most definitely, our corporate and small group gatherings should meet some of OUR needs. The problem becomes when THAT is the goal. It happens in a flash. Before I know it, I can walk into the church building and expect everyone there to accomodate MY preferences and needs.

To remedy this, I have started approaching Sunday morning's with what I call the "3 P's Mindset." It helps me put my focus on others, not myself.

P - Praise

By praise I mean that I am on the lookout for that church member that needs to be praised for "getting it." This is the person who understands the vision and mission of the church, knows his/her PLACE, and is serving vigorously with joy. I want to find that person and personally praise them and/or send them a note (handwritten) in the mail that week. Besides, "what gets rewarded, gets repeated."


P - Prayer

Someone is always in need of prayer. Someone has had a bad or heavy week. Someone is looking at a week that is going to be hard. In other words, there is always someone in need of someone coming alongside them, expressing care and concern, and offering to pray for them. Again, this may happen on the spot. It may come later in the week through a phone call or a visit. It may even come in the form of a handwritten note. But looking out for someone - each and every Sunday - that needs prayer keeps us outward.


P - Pursue

Who is NOT there that needs to be told they were missed? Who needs to be pursued with a text or a call or a FB message or a visit? Who needs to be sent a handwritten note letting them know that it was noticed they were missed? Not to condemn. Not to injure. But simply to express that someone noticed and someone cared.

The 3 "Pastoral" P's. Can you imagine if every single church member walked into the building every Sunday morning with a goal to identify their "3 P's"? We can't make every church member adopt this, but we can challenge ourselves. What about you? Who will you praise this week? Who will you pray for? Who will you pursue?