3 Reasons Every Church Should Do a “VBS-Type” Ministry

Last week The Church at West Franklin "did" Vacation Bible School. As always, it is great to anticipate it and great to see it behind us. Having had a couple of days to chew on everything surrounding Vacation Bible School, I am reminded of its importance. I know not every church can (or should) try to pull off a full blown Vacation Bible School. However, I do believe - if at all possible - every church should do some type of "VBS Thing" during the summer.  Here's why:

#1. The Whole Enchilada

Everyone - I mean everyone - can be involved. Even if you cannot stand kids (and I won't judge. . . I don't like my own half of the time!). Those who are gifted to teach can teach. Those who are gifted to build things can build things. Those gifted to sing can sing. Those gifted to dance can dance (at a Baptist church!). Like to cook? You can cook! Like to clean? You can clean! Like to talk to people? Like to park cars? Like grilling things? Like to organize? Like to do media and tech and sound? You name it, you can do it at Vacation Bible School. I was reminded how this one week allows every single member of the church can work together for a common goal. VBS allows for the whole enchilada to participate.

#2. "Easy" Evangelism

Every parent wants something "good" for their child. Inviting your neighbors kids to ride with you to Vacation Bible School everyday is almost a "no brainer" for most parents. One, it allows the parent to have some extra time back during the week and during the summer. Two, it is free. Three, their kids will have a blast. Finally, most parents will think that their kids will be getting something "good." What parent doesn't want that? Couple that with inviting them to a family night at the end of the week and then back to church on Sunday morning to see their kid perform a song - you have a SUPER EASY way to connect an unchurched or lost neighbor/friend/coworker/family member to the church.

#3. Over the Top Energy

Having a building full of children gives instant energy and life to a church. The dynamic is amazing. There is something about children everywhere that provides an energy booster shot that most all churches desperately need.


Summertime can be tricky for churches. The year is half gone. A slump happens due to vacationing. Schedules are out of whack. Having a "VBS-Type" event, however, can restore joy and life to any church at a much needed time.