3 Reasons Why West Franklin Members Should Be Overly Excited about the Upcoming Sermon Series

Beginning this Sunday, February 22nd, a new sermon series will kick off at all Brentwood Baptist campuses. It’s a series on evangelism called “Love As Our Witness” from the book of 1 John. The series will take us all the way to Easter. I believe everyone will benefit from this series. But especially the West Franklin people. Okay, so I am a little biased. But here are 3 reasons why:


#1. It is Why West Franklin Baptist is Now The Church at West Franklin.

Before the congregation at West Franklin heard of Matt Pearson and before Matt Pearson knew Brentwood was adding campuses, the members realized people were not being effectively reached for Christ. Instead of doing what so many churches do, they humbled themselves, died to their own preferences, and went to Brentwood for help. To make a long story short, West Franklin members said they were willing to repurpose themselves and become brand new if that’s what it would take to see more people follow Jesus. That’s exactly what happened.

The “Love As Our Witness” series is all about equipping the church to help others know and respond to Jesus as their Lord and Savior. This is who West Franklin is! It’s what we are about!


#2. It Lets Us Benefit from Learning With and From the Best.

Brentwood Baptist Church has demonstrated much success in reaching people for Jesus. No doubt, God has graced Brentwood with His presence and power in this. But they have seized the blessing of God’s hand on them, seeking His wisdom and maximizing the resources God has given them to expand His kingdom. Many churches can learn from BBC. But West Franklin is a regional campus of BBC and can both learn from and implement their biblical evangelistic strategies and tools. What a gift and a blessing! Again, it’s who we are! It’s what we are about . . . right?


#3. It Will Get Us Ready for the Expected Harvest Known as Easter.

The “Love As Our Witness” sermon series will take us to Easter Sunday. Yes, that is intentional. Evangelism is not as hard as we often make it out to be. The next six weeks will simply yield itself for us to simply invite our friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers to church on Easter Sunday. Almost everybody goes to church at Easter. This series will hopefully burden and inspire us to not only invite them to Easter Sunday services, but follow up post-Easter to see many embrace Christianity over time.

West Franklin – you became a regional campus of Brentwood in order to see more people come to faith in Christ and grow as His disciples. This is the time. This series feeds right into what we’re about. I will see you Sunday morning with my Bible open to 1 John 1.