5 Questions (Reasons) This Sunday is “Must Do”

This Sunday - at all Brentwood Campuses (in the AM) and the Brentwood Campus (in the PM) - is going to be INCREDIBLE!

Why? Because all missionaries that serve Jesus around the world through Brentwood are going to be with us! At The Church at West Franklin, during the LifeGroup and corporate worship hours, we have the honor and privilige of hosting missionaries serving in Malaysia, Europe, and South Africa.

I beg you - plead with you - to carve out several hours this Sunday to attend all that is planned. If you already have plans, cancel them. Why? Ask yourself the following questions (and be honest!):

#1. Where Else Would a Christian Want to Be??

God's heart is for the nations. He desires that He get the glory He deserves from every woman, man, boy, and girl from every tribe, nation, language, and tongue. The last thing Jesus said before He ascended was to go and make disciples of all nations. We have a chance to sit at the feet of those who are on the front lines doing it! If you follow Jesus - where else would you want to be? Seriously? Where?

#2. Who Else Would You Want Your Kids to Hang Around??

Can you think of a type of "hero" you would like your child to learn from that is more valuable than a missionary? Me either! They sit and gawk at men and women and "super heroes" and sports giants all the time on the TV and movie screen. Why not invest a couple of hours with your kids and let them be amazed at how God is using people all over the world for His purposes? I so want my kids to rub shoulders with missionaries more than they do SpiderMan. Don't you???

#3. Do You Like to See How God is Using YOUR Money??

I don't know about you, but I like to see the return on an investment. If I pay for something or give toward something, I would like to know what I am giving toward. Almost every week, you hear us campus pastors talking about the Brentwood Hope for the World offering. Many of you have given towards it. Many of you are wondering what in the world it is. This weekend, all of us will get to see firsthand how this offering is impacting lives for the sake of the Gospel all over the world. A worthy investment indeed!

#4. Are You Tired of the Emptiness of the American Dream??

Perhaps you are at a place in your life where you are looking for something more. Maybe you have been wondering if God wants to use you to do something else with your life. Maybe your empty. Maybe you long to be used for significant kingdom purposes. God may very well use this weekend to call you to serve Him overseas. It may be short-term (commitment to a week or two). It may be long-term (several years). It may be for the rest of your life. This Sunday, you and I are going to be able to have conversations with people just like us who are living abundant lives for Jesus.

#5. Can You Think of One Thing that Is More Significant??

Seriously. I dare you. Can you? If you are a member of The Church at West Franklin and you consider yourself a follower of Jesus and you believe us to be a "Missions-minded" church - can you think of a more important place for you to be this weekend? If you are giving birth or getting married or having triple bypass on Saturday - I give you a pass (if there is no way for you to come). For everyone else - really - can you think of anything more significant you could be giving your time towards?

Me either. See you Sunday morning!