5 Reasons to Attend Mission & Vision (Especially if You Were “Grandfathered” In)

This Sunday following the AM worship service, Todd Bishop will lead the Mission & Vision class for Brentwood Baptist at the West Franklin Campus. You should attend - yes you - especially if you are already a member.


#1. Comprehension

I have a feeling you would not advise anyone to get married to someone they didn't know. Anyone who has ventured into matrimony knows when you say "I Do," you get more than just the other person. They get you - sure. But you are joining their family, too. Same with church membership. The church isn't joining you. No, no. YOU are joining the church. If you were "Grandfathered" in as a member of BBC, but have never taken the Mission & Vision class, there is a real good chance you don't know what you got yourself into yet. The more you know, the better off you will be. All of us at the West Franklin campus MUST remember: Brentwood didn't join us. No, no - we joined her.

#2. Knowledge

You may be wondering if Brentwood is the right fit for you. The more you know, the better off you will be. Brentwood doesn't do everything. It's not for every body. But what Brentwood does do, it does well. Again, when you join a church, YOU are joining the church. The Mission & Vision class allows you to "look before you leap."

#3. Understanding

Perhaps you have been around the Brentwood system for a while and still don't quite understand the "how" and "why" of everything. Maybe you are still confused. Maybe you have questions. Maybe some things just do not make sense. The Mission & Vision class will not answer everything, but it will help answer a LOT.

#4. Clarity

God brought you to Middle Tennessee for a reason. He wired you the way He did for a reason. He has led you to the campus you attend for a reason. The Lord is at work in, around, and through BBC. Knowing the Mission & Vision of this great church will further clarify what He wants you to do - in this place, at this time, with this people.

#5. Excitement

The Mission & Vision of Brentwood Baptist is HUGE. It is bigger than any one person. It is bigger than any one congregation. It is bigger than humanly possible. To think that God wants to use YOU to be a part of something way bigger than you (or me, or us) is exciting. Come to the class to deepen your excitement about what is going on and be ready to be amazed at the potential.