5 Take Aways from Pastor Mike’s Vision

On Wednesday Night, March 11th, Pastor Mike Glenn walked The Church at West Franklin through the Vision and Mission he has for Middle Tennessee. I had heard it before. Most of those attending - I assume - had heard it before. But every time I hear him talk about it - I get fired up. It's why I moved here. It's why I believe God is blessing Brentwood Baptist Church (BBC). It's why I believe God's kingdom is coming and His will is being done in Middle Tennessee as it is being done in heaven.

Here are 5 takeaways from his talk last Wednesday:

#1. Middle Tennessee is Lost. If We Don't, Who Will?

Currently, there are 1.2 million lost individuals in Middle Tennessee. Let that sink in. In the center of what is known as Christianity, there are 1.2 million people who will die without Jesus. Of those who do profess Christ, only 20% are actively engaged in a local church. Yep. 1 out of 5 professing believers are actively engaged in any kind of church. Middle Tennessee needs Jesus. If those of who follow Jesus don't tell 'em, who will?


#2. Middle Tennessee is International. The Great Commission in Our Back Yard.

The fastest growing International people group in Middle Tennessee is not Hispanic. The people group with the most number coming here? South Asians. The second highest in number? Chinese. Last week I had my taxes done by a woman from India. Two doors down I had my hair cut by a woman from Russia. Both of these offices were less than half a mile from The Church at West Franklin. The nations have come to Middle Tennessee and God has brought them to us for the sake of hearing the Gospel.


#3. Church Buildings Are Being Sold. This Simply Cannot Be.

As Pastor Mike shared, one of the primary factors that birthed the Middle Tennessee Initiative (MTI) in his heart was reading in the newspaper of church buildings being sold. Why were they being sold? Because someone believed more people would come if the building was used for something else! It was believed that if the building were a restaurant, more people would come. If it were a golf shop, more people would come. When we consider the fact that there are 1.2 million lost people in Middle Tennessee and that 1 out of 5 so called Christians are active in a local church - this is mind blowing. And it must be stopped.


#4. No Ministry Starts  at BBC . . . UNLESS a Champion Lay Leader.

At Brentwood, a ministry never gets off the ground unless a lay person champions it. One of the goals of church - for Mike Glenn - is not for the pastors and ministers to do the ministry! Nope. His goal is for the pastors and ministers to diligently equip the members to do the ministry! This, by the way, was the same goal the Apostle Paul had (see Ephesians 4:12). Why is this a big deal? Numerous reasons. But for purposes here, this is important simply due to the fact that when every member understands their gift and are encouraged/equipped/trained to use it - SO MUCH MORE can be done throughout Middle Tennessee than if a handful of preachers are doing it all. Every member of BBC is required to take PLACE in order to find their PLACE and get busy doing ministry in their sweet spot!


#5. Poverty - Education - Healthcare. How Churches Engage Communities.

Middle Tennessee will not care what we know (the Gospel) until they know how much we care. Throughout church history, the Gospel has spread and entire communities have been impacted when the church has given itself to ministry through aiding those in poverty; educating those needing knowledge; and applying medical aid to those with health issues. God never intended these things to be controlled by the government. Nope. God intended these things to be exhibited through His people. We demonstrate what we value by how we spend our money. Pastor Mike's goal is to demonstrate how much we value Middle Tennessee by giving of our time and resources and gifts in ways that help others succeed physically while sharing the Gospel that will affect their eternity.


These are several things that fire me up. What about you? What were some take-aways from what you heard last Wednesday night? What are some things about Pastor Mike's vision that compel you to advance the Gospel? Let me know. Shoot me an email at mpearson@westfranklinchurch.com.