A Picture is Worth a Thousand Reminders

I guess in some sense, it shouldn’t be so. I mean, why in the world would anyone need to be reminded of the greatest gift ever received? If someone randomly gave me a million dollars, I don’t think I would ever forget it (and, by the way, if the Lord so leads – I will be forever grateful). There are things we just don’t forget. But when it comes to the Gospel, we need reminders. As weird as it seems, and as bizarre as it might be – we forget the love of God for us in Jesus. We forget God’s relentless commitment to us as our Good Shepherd. Not only have we, like sheep, gone astray. We continue to go astray because we forget that God’s love for us and His ways are far superior than any other way. Thus, we need to be reminded.

 As weird as it seems, and as bizarre as it might be – we forget the love of God for us in Jesus

When Jesus walked the earth as a man there was no hint of photography. No one had pictures of their loved ones by their beds, or in their living room, or on their phones. There were no “pictures” as we think of them today. When we look at pictures, we remember. When I see a picture of my children from 2-3 years ago, I remember how they used to look (and how cheap it was to feed them). When I see a picture of my wedding day, I remember how ridiculous it is that Katie said yes. Pictures remind us of things. They bring back memories.

There were no cameras in Jesus’ day. But there was bread and wine (grape juice for us Baptist’s). Instead of having Peter and John at the cross with cameras (He knew one of the two would leave Him when He needed him the most), or with their new iPhones, He had them do something else. He gathered all 12 of His boys in a room, had them eat bread and drink wine – things that would be around for centuries to come – and let that be the picture. He actually said, “Do this in remembrance of Me.” In other words, “You are going to forget this. You will forget the gravity of the cross and the richness of God’s love for you. Get together on a regular basis – eat bread and drink wine – as a way to remember what this means.”

Not only did Jesus love us enough to die in our place . . . but He continues to exert it by setting something up to cure our memory loss. Isn’t it good to know that He graciously set up safety nets for us? He not only did everything for us we couldn’t do – but He also established something to help us never forget and spend all our days reveling in His love for us.

Tomorrow we gather again at the table. Come join us as we look at the picture He left for us to remember Him by. A picture is worth a thousand reminders.