Fear Not

I wonder if anyone reading this has omphalophobia? It is the fear of belly buttons. Really. It is . . . and it is a real fear.

Or how about pogonophobia? Anyone? It is the fear of beards. Yep. Another very real fear.

Perhaps you may not panic when you see a beard or notice an "outee" - but my guess is you have some sort of fear. Or, if you are like me, you have several fears. Maybe you wish your fear was a fear of the round hole in the middle of people's tummies or the guys on Duck Dynasty. Maybe you wish yours was that "easy." Perhaps you are scared to death of being alone - now or for the rest of your life. Maybe you fear not being able to meet expectations at work or home, or both. Maybe you fear being found out. Maybe you fear being punished for something you did. Maybe you fear being a victim of a horrendous crime or freak plane crash or contracting a life threatening disease. Maybe you take medicine to calm your fears and you end up being afraid of what might happen after reading the warning label. Or maybe you fear you will never be able to parent correctly. Maybe you fear how your children will turn out when they are older. Maybe you fear your spouse doesn't love you anymore. Or maybe you fear that your doubts mean you aren't really a Christian.

What is it YOU fear?

We all have 'em and God is not ignorant of 'em.

Starting this Sunday (June 7th) and going through July 5th, the Campus and Teaching Pastors at all the Brentwood campuses will be preaching through a series called "Fear Not." Of all the commands in the Bible - this one is repeated the most. And I think we all know why: Fear is real and powerful and we all have them.

The passages we plan to unpack are:

Matthew 14:22-33 - June 7th

Genesis 3:8-13 - June 14th

Luke 9:23-27 - June 21st

Matthew 10:26-31 - June 28th

Isaiah 40:27-31 - July 5th

Why do I tell you all of this? Because (1) I want you to make it a priority to be here so we can experience God's power over our fears together; and (2) so you will be compelled to bring someone with you.

Fears. We all have them and we all know how real they are. Let's learn together why we are told time and time again - "Do not be afraid. . ."