First of Five Reasons to Bring Someone With You Easter Sunday

#1. Easy Easter

Why should you invite and/or bring someone with you to The Church at West Franklin this Sunday? I want to give you five good reasons, a different one every day this week. 

First,  it simply will not get any easier for you to invite someone to church. Though our culture is getting more and more "Post-Christian," most everyone still at least thinks about going to church Easter Sunday. Many (if not most) who are not attending anywhere right now would gladly come if someone invited them.

Think of inviting someone to join you this Sunday as "Easy Easter." In other words, no one will wonder if you have "ulterior motives" or consider it offensive if all you say is, "Hey, why don't you and your family join me and my family for Easter services at our church this Sunday?" Or, "Hey, I know you don't have family around. Why don't you come and join our family for Easter at our church then come over for Easter lunch at our home following the service?" Or, "I don't know if your kids are going to an Easter Egg hunt this year, but come and join my kids this Saturday at Jim Warren park and then come join us for church the next morning. What do you say?" See. It's Easy.

I have a pretty good feeling you will be around people today who are not attending church anywhere. Maybe where you work or where you live or parents on your kids soccer team? They aren't in your life by accident. God put them there. It's easy. Invite 'em.