Five Reasons You Should Come & Bring a Friend to The Church at West Franklin on Wednesday Night


Yep. If you come to The Church at West Franklin on Wednesday, February 11th, you will get Pork Chops and Strawberry Cake! If you are a guest, it’s FREE. If you are a member, we will accept any and all donations smile.

And, oh yeah, these won’t be just any ole chops and cake. It’s Patti Watson’s chops and cake. If you don’t know why that matters – come and see. I promise: you will thank me later.



Starting February 11th and continuing the 18th, Marcia Franks and Dee Parker will be teaching on the PLACE profile. Why does this matter? Because it will help you know exactly how God has wired and specifically designed you to serve Him.

To put it another way, it will keep you from serving in church in ways you don’t like or have any interest in!!!


#3. Leave your kids for an hour!!!

Need a break from the kids? Drop ‘em off and let them learn some Bible while you take a breather. Eric Lloyd and his team have amazing things planned for teenagers, while Alisha Menard and her peeps have a plan to help your kids learn more about God and His Word.

#4. Coffee House Theology

From 6 – 7 pm, while I sip on a cup of joe, I will be teaching a series called “Profitable Heartburn: Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament.” Coffee or tea or water or soft drinks or hot chocolate will be available for you too. Very laid back. Very relaxed. Very good coffee.


#5. Community

Come and connect with other believers in the middle of the week. Come get encouraged. Come and be reminded that “you aren’t the only one” dealing with this or that. Come and take a deep breath. Come and get to know someone who is walking with Jesus and can help you in your own walk. Come and bring a friend to a very non-pressured, simple atmosphere where you can introduce them to church.