Fourth of Five Reasons to Bring Someone With You On Easter Sunday

#4. Follow-Up

Why should you invite and/or bring someone with you to The Church at West Franklin this Sunday? I want to give you five good reasons, a different one every day this week (click for the first, second, and third reasons).

The fourth reason you should invite someone is simply because ample opportunities for them to come back will be provided. In other words, the goal is not just to have a large number of people in our services Sunday morning. Jesus didn't say, "Go make attenders of all nations." No. He said, "Go make disciples of all nations." So we want to give those who do attend on Easter Sunday an opportunity to take more steps toward a relationship with Jesus.

Below are some ways guests who attend Easter Sunday will be encouraged to follow up with a future visit:

-->Coffee Shop Theology - April 8th, 2015

The Wednesday night after Easter at 6 pm I will be teaching on the validity of Jesus' resurrection. In other words, I will be explaining why we can believe it really has happened. I will be inviting all who attend this Sunday to join us Wednesday night to further explore the resurrection over a cup of coffee.

--> Connect I - April 12th, 2015

The Sunday after Easter, we will be providing a very informal and very brief lunch where anyone interested in knowing more about The Church at West Franklin can attend. No commitments. No strings attached. Just free pizza and soft drinks (for adults, students, AND children) and the church staff introducing themselves and answering any questions.

--> Connect II - April 15th, 2015

For those interested in taking next steps towards membership, Reid Patton and myself will be teaching the "nuts and bolts" of membership at Brentwood Baptist and The Church at West Franklin. This is a required course for those seeking membership but does not "make" one a member if they attend the class.

-->Upcoming Sermon Series and LifeGroup Curriculum

Beginning the Sunday after Easter, I will begin preaching a new series and all LifeGroups will be working through material called "The Splendor of Christ." This will be another way we hope to encourage Easter attenders to come back the following week.

-->New LifeGroups

Reid Patton has been working very hard to ensure new LifeGroups (on and off campus) are ready to go post-Easter. The groups are in place and ready to go. This is yet another great way to encourage attenders to check out a LifeGroup and get involved by getting to know other believers.

Do we want a huge crowd on Easter Sunday? YES! Is that ALL we are after? NO! We want to do all we can to help provide an atmosphere for all who attend to take necessary next steps with Jesus.