Guaranteed to Get a Good Return

It's April 15th - Tax Day. If you are reading this, hopefully you have already filed and checking your on-line bank account every night to see if the huge return has been deposited.

Regardless of whether or not you are getting a return from Uncle Sam, I can guarantee a HUGE return on your time if you come to The Church at West Franklin tonight. First, for Coffee House Theology - the Director for LifeWay Worship Resources will be sharing about corporate worship. A couple of the topics I have asked him to cover include:

Why do we worship corporately on Sunday morning?

What should be the chief aim/goal of our worship on Sunday morning?

Why does Brentwood arrange the song choices the way they do?

What kind of leader should the Church at West Franklin hope to have lead them in the future in the area of music and corporate worship?

You will NOT want to miss this time with one of the key and anointed leaders of corporate worship God has raised up for this season. The return you will get for being here will be HUGE.

In addition, Reid Patton and I will be leading what is called Connect II. This is a class required for membership at The Church at West Franklin and communicates the Mission and Vision for our church. We will be covering the history of The Church at West Franklin, Membership Facts, What We Believe, Vision and Values, and the governing structure of our Church. If you are not yet a member but desire to be; if you are not yet a member but are considering membership; if you are a member who was "grandfathered" in; and/or you are a long-time member and want to renew your understanding of things here - I strongly encourage you to attend. Connect II will also meet in the fellowship hall, from 6 - 7:30 pm. Again, the return on your time will be BIG.

Of course, Godward activities for children and students are provided as well.

Whether or not April 15th is a good day for you financially, at The Church at West Franklin you are guaranteed a good return on your soul and spiritual trajectory. I look forward to seeing you tonight at 6 pm!