Healing in the Waiting - REALLY??

Sunday, I had the privilege of preaching through Isaiah 40:27-31. A key point from the sermon (and I believe, the text!) was that when we go through seasons when it seems like God has abandoned us, the way to endure is to wait. I said that I believe healing comes when we really do wait on the Lord (see verse 31).

I unpacked 5 ways waiting on the Lord brings healing to our souls.

Waiting on the Lord realigns your allegiance.

Isaiah is clear - God's children wait on THE LORD. What do you do to a Lord? Submit. Give in. Surrender. Though you may not like it, healing comes when you finally give in and tell the Lord, "Okay - this is what you want. I submit."

Waiting on the Lord resets you to relax.

If we really believe God is sovereign and good and majestic and omnipotent (see Isaiah 40:10-26), and if we really believe He loves and cares for His children (see verse 11) - there is never EVER any need to worry. Every time we fret or panic or freak or worry, we are communicating to the Lord that we don't like the way He is running the universe and, were we in control, we would do a better job. Insane. Healing comes when we wait - reminding our souls who really is running the universe.

Waiting on the Lord restores your expectations.

Not only is there not any room for worry in God's family, there is no rrom for pessimism. The child of God cannot lose. Healing comes when we recall what we know to be true about God and expect the best case scenario, not the worst.

Waiting on the Lord fuels endurance.

Isaiah says that those who wait will soar, then run, then walk. Seems anti-climactic. However, the walking is where the every day "stuff" of life happens. Soaring is wonderful. Camps and conferences are awesome. Running is great. A good worship service at church is always refreshing. I recommend both. But there is always Monday morning. There is always another doctor's visit. There is always another funeral to attend. Waiting on the Lord produces healing that allows you not to faint or grow weary when the Monday morning alarm goes off and the email from the boss comes through.

Waiting on the Lord refreshes the relational terms.

We entered into God's family by grace alone. Were it not for Him doing it ALL for us, we would not be a child of God. That doesn't change with time. Our relationship with God begins and ends (and everything in between) with Him doing for us what we cannot do for ourselves. Waiting on the Lord brings healing because God loves it when the pressure is on HIM to act. He exists to serve and to give strength and power to His children

So, wait on the Lord. That's where/how strength is renewed.

[Due to technical difficulties, the sermon was not recorded and not available on-line.]