Helping a Second Grader Defend His Faith

"Hey dad, one of my friends at school today said the gods in India are real and live gods."

So said my eight year old (Seth) on the way home from flag football practice. A boy in his second grade class, from India and obviously a Hindu, told his buddies all about the reality of his gods. Though I wasn't shocked, I must admit that it set me back a bit. One, I grew up where the only "religious" discussions I had with my school mates were over which church had the best basketball court and Wednesday night meals. I didn't grow up where other religions were represented. . . only a handful of denominations. Two, I honestly didn't expect this until fifth or sixth grade . . . at the earliest. I was wrong. My eight year old needs to know what and why he believes in Jesus . . . not just for his eternal salvation, but to defend the truth to some second graders who don't even know the Gospel. And let me remind you - we live right outside of Nashville, Tennessee.

How did I respond? Though I welcome any and all additional counsel from readers, here is what the Pearson family did tonight during suppertime:

  • I asked Seth to recount what happened at school for the whole family.
  • I didn't act surprised. Instead, talked about how glad I was God brought that friend to Seth's class.
  • As a family, we listed ways Seth might show his friend that his God is the real and true God.
  • We talked about why some of our friends are missionaries in India (to tell them about Jesus) and how amazing it is that God has brought Indians to us for the same reason.
  • We talked about how he might respond if his friend asked him if and why he was a Christian (gave us a great chance to reiterate the Gospel!).
  • I read 1 Timothy 2:4-5 for the family, explaining that God desires his friend to be saved and that there is only ONE God and ONE mediator - Jesus Christ.
  • As a family, we prayed for Seth's friend, by name, and his friend's family to come to faith in Jesus.

The conversation wasn't long, but it was one of the best we have had in a while as a family. The Great Commission has come us. Let's vow not to waste any opportunity for Gospel witness.