“If I Had It My Way” Friday

Every week I come across articles that I wish every member of The Church at West Franklin would read. They include articles that teach, encourage, challenge, and help as Christ-followers. So, instead of thinking "I wish I could get the members to read this" I am going to post my weekly favorites to this site on Fridays. In other words, "If I had it my way, West Franklin peeps would read these." Thus the title "'If I Had It My Way' Friday." Consider Friday a day to come and get some pastoral (web) recommendations on what I believe will help you in your walk with Christ.

This week, in honor of Eric Lloyd preaching, and his topic being hospitality and guest services, here are 3 articles that, if I had it my way, all WF members would read:


Five Keys to an Incredible Greeters Ministry by Thom Rainer

In our surveys of first-time guests, we hear repeatedly that one of the keys that caused them to return was a friendly first impression. Like it or not, it’s often a make or break issue for the guest.

So how can you be certain that your greeters are doing everything possible to provide an incredible first-time impression? Here are five “best practices” where churches have dynamic greeter ministries, and where the return rate of guests is high.


Details Are Important Because Guests Feel Perfection by Bob Adams (originally retrieved here)

The minute details that produce the visual experience are really the true art of the Disney themed show, its greatest source of strength. The details corroborate every story point, immersing Guests in the story idea. Walt Disney knew that if details are missing or incorrect, Guests won’t believe in the story, and that if one detail contradicts another, Guests will feel let down or even deceived.


Why Outside Greeters Are More Important Than Inside Greeters by Danny Franks

Too often, churches are guilty of thinking inside out when it comes to volunteer placement: we circle the wagons in the sanctuary, make sure someone is handing out pens at the auditorium doors, and maybe get some coverage at the welcome center. But a guest-friendly church thinks outside-in: What is the first touch we can provide in their first seconds on campus? Let’s put someone there.

A well-placed greeter tells a guest that you’re ready, and it causes them to look for other greeters along the way. That guy waving on the corner paves the way for another guy serving the parking lot, and a lady holding the door, and a college student helping find open seats.