Praying Yesterday’s Sermon

The following is a prayer based on the sermon I preached yesterday from Hebrews 4:14-16:



I come to You boldly as an undeserved sinner. I come as a child because of the One with and in whose Name I come - Jesus.

You have seen fit to have me, my family, and the church I pastor to live in a time in the United States when Christianity is on the decline faster than it has ever been, when more Westerners are turning to Islam, and when 8 year olds talk about Hindu gods being real in the Bible belt. This is an unprecedented time to be a follower of Your Son in the United States. I pray I am wrong, but I believe the circumstances will only continue to get more extreme. Thank You for allowing me to live right now! Please - PLEASE - help me hold fast to the confession that is the Good News of the Gospel. Don't let me turn back from it. Don't let me shrink back from declaring it. Don't let me forget it or think it's not worth everything. Remind me that Your Word is powerful and its truths lays people bare before You. Remind me that Your Son - the GREAT High Priest - did everything necessary, once and for all, for me to be right with You. Remind me that Jesus has passed through the heavens where He now sits interceding for me and ruling the universe. Remind me that this same High Priest - Jesus - is completely human on every level and can relate to every fear, emotion, temptation, and testing I face. Use these reminders as motivators for me to hold tightly to the Gospel.

Allow me today, Father, to have ample opportunities to express my allegiance and commitment to the Gospel, both personally and publicly. Allow the same for the members of my family. And please grant the members of the church where I pastor go on the offense by gripping tightly the Good News. Russell Moore, unfortunately, is exactly right. A big reason we live in a land like we do is due to the fact that we Christians have lacked confidence in the Gospel. I am among that number. Strengthen Your church, Father. Burden and convict our hearts, Lord. May we join the Christians in whom the author of Hebrews wrote and hold fast to the confession.

Because of Jesus I pray this boldly,