Second of Five Reasons to Bring Someone With You Easter Sunday

#2. Extra Space

Why should you invite and/or bring someone with you to The Church at West Franklin this Sunday? I want to give you five good reasons, a different one every day this week (click here to see the first).

The second reason is because there will be extra space for you and your guest. This will be allotted for in 3 ways:

a. We are offering two different service times.

Instead of one service at 10:45 am, we will offer the same worship service at two different times. One at 9:30 am and the other at 11:00 am.

b. Overflow seating will be provided.

Since we simply do not know which service most will choose to attend, we are offering overflow seating in the fellowship hall. If overflow is used, the worship service will be streamed (live) via a television screen.

c. Extra parking space will be available.

To ensure everyone has a parking place, Freedom Middle School is allowing us to use their lot to park cars. Those willing to park at Freedom Middle will be shuttled to the WF campus via our church bus.

The last thing we want our guests to find is that there are no seats or parking available when they arrive. We want the place to be full, but not to where a lost or unchurched guest has "no place to lay his/her rear end"! Plan to bring several people with you this Easter Sunday and plan for there to be seating and parking where they are comfortable enough to hear the message God has for them.