Things You Want Your Pastor to Talk About - Any Suggestions???

This summer, the Brentwood Baptist preaching team will be doing a 4-part series called "Things Your Pastor Wants You To Know."

For this series to be planned most effectively and efficiently, we want to know: "What to you want us to tell you?" Or, to put it a better way: "What is a topic you would like your pastor to address from the pulpit?"

If you have any thoughts/suggestions/opinions - let me know! Simply email me at and put in the subject line "Things Your Pastor Wants You to Know Sermon Series."

I will take a list to the preaching team, all of our lists will be compiled, and the 4 primary topics will be determined from there. Please send your suggestions by the end of next week (March 6th).

Let me here from you!

Got a suggestion? Ready, set, GO!