Things Your Pastor Wants You to Know - Part 4

All this week, I have tried to recap the previous 3 Sundays at The Church at West Franklin. Important, heavy, and exciting information about the future has been communicated. THIS Sunday, August 2nd, is no exception. I will be on vacation, but our very own Eric Lloyd will be preaching a message on "Hospitality" at my request. He will unpack verses from Romans 12 to show how we treat others is a direct reflection of the Gospel we say we believe. This is something that has gripped Eric's heart recently and is very passionate about.

A church guru on this subject, Danny Franks, says this about the importance of a hospitality (Guest Services, First Impressions):

“Think about the weekend experience from your guests’ perspective. They’re entering a new environment with new cultural rules and new codes of conduct. They are outsiders trying to access the inside. And beyond the questions they know to ask, there are questions they don’t know to ask. Situations they don’t know to prepare for. Embarrassments they don’t know to avoid. A guest’s first experience – whether it’s a new church or a new restaurant or a new job – can be described as awkward. We don’t know what to do, where to go, or how to engage. . .

“Absorbing awkwardness doesn’t just open the door for the gospel, it puts the gospel on display. You’re showing honor to others (Romans 12:10), putting others’ needs above your own (Philippians 2:4), and loving your neighbors as much as you love yourself (Mark 12:31). . .

“Biblical hospitality isn’t just about being nice, it’s about demonstrating grace.”

Translation: Hospitality is a BIG deal. It's a Gospel deal. It's a HUGE thing your Pastor Wants You to Know. Plan to be at The Church at West Franklin Sunday with your Bible and heart open to receive yet another Word from the God who loves you.