Two Morning Services??? FAQ’s

Yesterday morning, in a sermon about change, I announced that beginning September 13th, 2015 (the Sunday after Labor Day weekend) - The Church at West Franklin would begin offering 2 morning worship services.

Though I haven't had any questions about the change, yet (it's only Monday morning!), I want to anticipate a few to help answer curiosities you may have.

#1. What times will the 2 services be offered?

9:30 am and 11:00 am.

#2. Will the two services look the same or different?

To the highest extent possible, we are going to make the services look exactly the same. No traditional service versus a contemporary service. The goal is not to cater to everyone's likes and preferences. The goal is, well, see #7. What we have experienced in the current 10:45 am service will be continued in BOTH services moving forward.

#3. When will Life Groups meet?

9:30 am and 11:00 am. For some, there will be no change. For others, they will be asked to reverse when they do "big church" and when they participate in a Life Group.

#4. Will there be additional Life Groups, or will the groups we currently have remain the same?

The same. . . for now. We are anticipating other significant shifts in how we do ministry at The Church at West Franklin (come this Sunday morning to find out more!). For the Fall, the plan is to keep all current Life Groups "as is" (regarding leaders and participants) with the hope of adding and multiplying others by the beginning of 2016.

#5. Will there be a choir for both services?

That's the plan for now. Number of volunteers will be critical. We'll just have to see how it plays itself out.

#6. When are we going to have our own worship leader - the same one every week?

Let's face it. Each and every week, Brentwood Baptist provides us the best of the best in worship music. There is never a "bad" or a "down" Sunday. For that, I am grateful beyond words. The process to find the right "permanent" fit for West Franklin is happening. Brentwood Baptist isn't known for its swift and quick hiring procedures. That's a good thing because it is known for getting the right people in the right spots. My point? The wait is always worth it. I do not know a timeline. I don't even want to speculate. But the process to find who God would have lead us on a regular basis is happening. I trust Brentwood and the process, and believe God will reveal who that person is in His perfect timing. Remember, the best things come to those who wait.

#7. Why are we adding an additional service?

If you have attended this summer, you will know that we are well over 80% full. Being full in the summer means being SUPER full in the Fall (usually). The goal is simple: We want to provide more space for more people who need the Gospel to hear and respond and celebrate the Gospel, worshipping the God who makes the Gospel possible. This means, not only will all of us be expected to work and do more than we are currently doing on Sunday morning, but also that all of us will be expected to be intentional where we live, work, and play so to invite those who do not know Jesus to join us on a Sunday morning. That's not all we do to evangelize, but it is part. We want guests to feel welcome and have a place to sit. We want YOU to have the freedom to invite someone and not have to worry about more room. We want you to feel the gaps in the pews and think, "I know someone who could be sitting there that I need to invite to hear this incredibly good news."

In short, we need to add a second service so that we can have every opportunity possible to help others hear, understand, and respond to the news that God loves sinners and proved by sending His Son to do for us what we could not do for ourselves.

I cannot wait for us to get to the point where the "norm" for us on a Sunday morning is seeing people transformed by the Gospel.

Now. What other questions do you have? Shoot me an email at