What Does It Look Like When Making Disciples is Your Chief Priority?

Taking my cue from what Jesus said to Peter and Andrew in Matthew 4:19, Sunday morning I said  a main way you can know whether or not you are following Jesus is to ask yourself if your chief priority is making disciples. Jesus said very plainly that following Him would mean becoming a "fisher of people." In other words, following Him means evangelizing and disciple-making.

What I didn't spend much time on Sunday morning was talking about what this looks like.

What does it look like when making disciples of Jesus is your chief priority?

That is a really good question that, in my opinion, has a lot of different answers.

This Wednesday night - at Coffee House Theology - I want to unpack this more. I think most of us would agree that following Jesus should prompt this reaction (a lifestyle of disciple-making). But I think we also would agree that we don't really know how and/or what it looks like.

Why don't you carve out an hour (from 6-7 pm) on Wednesday, drop the kids off with Alisha and Eric for some Bible learning, and then come join me for coffee, tea, cokes, and snacks as we seek to learn what making disciples in and through our lives actually looks like.