What?? No Wednesday Nights in the Summer! 5 Reasons Why

Yes. It is true. The Church at West Franklin will not have "normal" Wednesday night activities during the summer months (end of May, June, July, and beginning of August). I know, I know. Makes me sad, too. However, there are reasons for this. Below are the top 5:

#1. EVERYONE needs a break.

Those who work with children & students especially; but this also goes for those who help with music, help in the kitchen, help with snacks, etc. Alot of weekly work goes into making the "Wednesday Night Machine" happen. Summertime is a good time to give everyone a breather.  

#2. Summer is super crazy.

Vacation Bible School. Camps. Mission Trips. Vacations. Fourth of July. Weekend trips to the lake. No school. Moving into a new house (the Pearson's close on their home on June 30th!!!). Homemade Ice Cream. Grilled burgers. Swimming pools. Summertime is nuts. Couple this with weekly work that goes into Wednesday night activities - you get the idea.

#3. Pastor Matt needs to become a member.

Yep, you read that right. Due to other Wednesday night activities, I have not completed the Brentwood Baptist membership requirements! In June, The Church at West Franklin is offering Connect I (June 7th), Connect II (June 10th - Wednesday night), PLACE I (June 17th - Wednesday night), and PLACE II (June 24th - Wednesday night). I, myself, need these courses so I can learn more and fulfill the membership requirements for our church.

#4. West Franklin leadership needs to breathe, plan, and gear up for Fall and 2016.

The last 5 months here at The Church at West Franklin have been amazing. I. LOVE. IT. However, much of what we have been doing has been a form of "building the airplane while it is in the air." In other words, I feel we have been working and tweaking and trying to figure things out WHILE moving along in ministry. The summer will give the WF staff some time to think and plan and plan and think and get ready for the Fall and 2016.

#5. Breaks build momentum.

Yep. If number 4 happens well, we will have some great ministry things planned for the Fall. Wednesday nights in the Fall will be exciting and geared towards making disciples of all nations, beginning in West Franklin. Taking breaks gives pause and allows us all to look forward to gathering again when it picks back up.


If you are STILL bummed and STILL eager to fellowship with some WF peeps on Wednesday nights, here are some recommendations:

- Have a prayer and Bible study group over at your home on Wednesday nights in the summer.

- Get with a group (perhaps your LifeGroup) and prayer walk/drive specific neighborhoods in West Franklin on Wednesday nights.

- Attend Connect I, II, and PLACE I & II - learn more about BBC, WF, and how God has wired you for service.

- Have some lost or unchurched neighbors into your home on Wednesday nights and build a relationship with them.

- Keep the Pearson kids so Matt and Katie can go on a date! smile (Just kidding. . . sort of).

- Take a break, drink some lemonade on your front porch, and enjoy time with your family.


I have come to love and enjoy Wednesday nights at West Franklin. They are great and, I believe, will only get better. Enjoy the "break" and be intentional for the sake of the kingdom during your "free time."