“What Your Pastor Wants You to Know” WF Guest Edition (4 Reasons to Participate)

This Sunday - July 12th - all Brentwood campus pastors are preaching a series entitled "What Your Pastor Wants You to Know." The title for the series on each campus will be identical. The content, however, will differ drastically. Each pastor is given the freedom to spend 4 weeks unpacking things specific for their particular campus.

If you are a guest interested in what is going on at The Church at West Franklin, let me give you 4 reasons you should rearrange your schedule to be in a pew for the next 4 Sundays:

#1. Expectations

If you are curious as to what this campus will expect of you and what you can expect from us going forward, this series will not disappoint. The series is called "What Your Pastor Wants You to Know" because this pastor wants you to know what's coming, what's happening, and what you can expect. This series aims to get us pumped about the fall which seeks to identify who we really are and what we are really about.

#2. Experience

If you commit to attend and participate for the next 3-4 Sundays straight, I can almost guarantee you will experience how we do things in our worship gatherings. Lord's Supper. Music. Preaching. Corporate prayer. Invitation. Offering. Baptism. You will experience all of these and how a Regional Campus of Brentwood Baptist does them if you come consecutive weeks.

#3. Excitement

Due to all that has gone on in the life of this church in recent months and where we are headed in future months has fueled much excitement among the members. It's actually fun to come to church! Add another worship service into the mix and people like you joining us for Gospel impact - and you have a recipe for amazement, joy, and down right giddiness.

#4. Exit (or Entry!)

I guarantee that, if you will come for the next 4 Sundays (or 3 out of 4 . . . if you must) - you will know for certain whether or not you want to start the membership process (entry) or exit to another community of believers. I would say that about attending any consecutive worship services, but expecially this one. Why? Because the whole point and purpose is to cast vision and get us ready for what's coming.