“What Your Pastor Wants You to Know” WF Member Edition (4 Reasons to Participate)

This Sunday - July 12th - all Brentwood campus pastors are preaching a series entitled "What Your Pastor Wants You to Know." The title for the series on each campus will be identical. The content, however, will differ drastically. Each pastor is given the freedom to spend 4 weeks unpacking things specific for their particular campus.

If you are a member of The Church at West Franklin, let me give you 4 reasons you should rearrange your schedule to be in a pew for the next 4 Sundays:

#1. Change

Changes are coming to our campus. Two services will be starting soon to create needed space. More volunteers will be needed. Sacrifices will be required. The communication of the Gospel to as many as possible is the bottom line. Due to current circumstances, changes need to happen and YOU need to be aware of what they are. The message of the Gospel NEVER - EVER changes. But how it is best communicated must. This Sunday, July 12th, I will discuss changes that are coming and why this is a really good thing.

#2. Boot Camp

The Church at West Franklin has been a Regional Campus of Brentwood Baptist Church for 9 months. Your campus and teaching pastor has been here for only 6 months. The wedding was great - both sides agreed to the commitment. The honeymoon has been nice (we've seen some very exciting things). But for long-term health to happen and for a harvest of souls to be gathered in, a critical evaluation of how we do ministry is imperative. The Fall will include a "Boot Camp" of sorts where all members (and potential members - see tomorrow's post) will be asked to be trained, equipped, and dream about how we will do ministry in the future as a Regional Campus of BBC. This upcoming sermon series will unpack that a bit more, specifically on July 19th.  

#3. Identity

Each Brentwood campus is the same when it comes to foundation, purpose, vision, and values. However, each campus is also very distinct. God-willing, on July 26th, I plan to reveal 7 key ways YOU told me West Franklin is distinct. They entail ways we are different from other campuses, defining our individual identity.

#4. Excitement

There has never been a more exciting time to be a part of The Church at West Franklin. We are less than a year old, yet on the very edge of seeing the Gospel transform an incredible number of lives. God is bringing more and more and more people to our area. It is essential that we be ready, on the same page, and "all in" as to how and what and why and where we do ministry as a Regional Campus of BBC. As a member, I can't think of a reason you wouldn't want to be a part of this incredible season of ministry.

Join me, along with the West Franklin family, for this very important series about "What Your Pastor Wants You to Know."