You Might Be a Perfect Recruit for West Franklin’s Boot Camp If. . .

Tomorrow night Boot Camp at The Church at West Franklin officially begins.

6 pm.

Fellowship ("Mess") Hall.

If you are still wondering whether or not you should consider yourself an ideal recruit, consider if any of the following 20 attributes apply to you.


You Might Be a Perfect Recruit for West Franklin's Boot Camp If . . .

#1. You Desire to Be a Part of a Healthy Church Campus.

#2. You Don’t Want to Be the Only Person Who Doesn't Know What is Going On.

#3. You Want to Be Equipped to Share Your Faith.

#4. You Are Tired of Watching Duck Dynasty on Wednesday Nights.

#5. You Believe God Has You in Franklin "For Such a Time as This."

#6. You Have a Longing to Bring Authentic Joy to the City of Franklin.

#7. You Believe The Church at West Franklin Has Untapped, Massive Potential for Kingdom Impact.

#8. You Need a Break from Your Kids in the Middle of the Week.

#9. You Want to Know if it Really is Possible for EVERYTHING We do to Connect Others to Jesus Christ through Worship, Service, and Discipleship.

#10. You Want to Know what You Personally Can Do to be a Part of Changing the World.

#11. You Want to Play a Role in Seeing the Baptistery Filled Every Sunday.

#12. You Have a Weird Desire to See if the Pastor Really Does Do Anything on a Day Other than Sunday.

#13. You Have a Passion to Engage West Franklin in Areas of Poverty, Healthcare, and Education.

#14. You Long to Be a Part of a Real Community of Believers who “Do Christian Life” Together.

#15. You Want to Obey Jesus’ Command to Make Disciples.

#16. You Have Been Looking for a Good Excuse to Wear Your Camoflauge Turtleneck and Black Combat Boots.

#17. You Are Tired of Playing Games and Eager to Get Serious about Reaching the Lost.

#18. You Want to Know that the Money You Give to the Church Will Literally Be An Eternal Investment.

#19. Your Relationship with God is Cold and Dry and You Desperately Need a Jumpstart.

#20. You Are Tired of Church Being Boring and Pointless.


If you find yourself saying, "That's Me!" to any of the above - you are a PERFECT recruit for West Franklin's Boot Camp.

See you tomorrow night.