5th Grade Missions Journey 2018

June 24 - June 29
Jackson, TN

$225—5th Grade Participant
$125—Adult Participant
Cost of the trip will cover meals from Sunday lunch through Friday lunch, lodging, transportation, VBS supplies and any extra activities.

Students who have completed 5th Grade by summer 2018 and their parents or other adult family members.
Note: Parents do not have to attend in order for the student to participate but are ENCOURAGED and welcome to be a part of the team.

The 5th Grade Missions Team will partner with a church in the Jackson, TN community to host a Backyard Kids Club (BKC).  Backyard Kids Clubs are simply Vacation Bible School conducted at a partner church, community park or someone’s backyard.  
•    Each 5th grader will be assigned to a team that will teach during the BKC and lead a rotation (i.e. music, recreation, crafts, etc.).  Adult participants will serve on the same team as their 5th grader.
•    The team will be responsible for leading Bible Study, Music, Crafts and Recreation.
•    During the day training and preparation for each night’s activities will happen with the team along with a few opportunities for community mission projects.
Students who participate in the mission team will also have the opportunity to help lead in the VBS at Brentwood Baptist June 11-15.

The team will still be staying overnight Sunday-Thursday nights at a local church or lodging facility in Jackson, TN.  Team members will be responsible for providing air mattresses and sleeping necessities if needed.

We will rent vans for transportation that will be driven by Children’s Ministry staff or parents that are a part of the missions team.

May 30: Commitments need to be made with a $50/person deposit and complete online registration (one application per participant—child or adult).

Time Commitment:  EACH child and adult who commits to be a part of the mission team is EXPECTED to participate in the full week from Saturday through Friday.

Adult Team Member Expectations:

Will participate with the team as same as the 5th grade students—all day, every day.
Will be responsible for helping to lead a group of 5th graders as they are assigned to teaching teams.  
Will stay overnight with students at housing location.
Full adult participation is a must for helping this mission team be a success! : )

Each student and adult participating in the mission team is expected to attend the following group training times:     
May 6: VBS University Training (suggested training but is not required)
May 30: 5MJ Team Meeting & Training
June 20: 5MJ Team Meeting & Training
June 23: Packing Meeting & Preparation
* Please note that these dates are subject to change.  If any changes are necessary, we will notify you as soon as possible!

In addition, each participant will be assigned to a teaching team.  It will be the responsibility of each teaching team to plan and prepare outside of the large group training times.  

Each student is required to participate in one of the following VBS events as a part of BBC. This will be a significant part of the preparation for the Missions Team:

June 11-15: Brentwood Campus
9 AM – 12:15 PM     Age 5-Grade 5

June 11-15: Station Hill Campus
9 AM – 12:15 PM     Age 5-Grade 5

June 18-22: West Franklin Campus
9 AM – 12:15 PM     Age 5-Grade 5

•    Complete the online registration form at BrentwoodBaptist.com/children and pay $50 deposit by May 30.  Registration and deposit is required PER PARTICIPANT (child or adult).
•    The Children’s Ministry Office will contact you regarding payment once your application has been received.
•    Do not complete the online “Mission Journey” application in the Missions area of the website—this is not for this trip!

Need more information?
Children’s Ministry Office: tcramer@brentwoodbaptist.com or 615.324.6131