January 24 - 30, 2021


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Sunday January 24, 2021 | Jesus Taught About Prayer  

Jesus taught us to pray. Because of Jesus, we can pray to the Father and ask for what we need. We can trust that God is good and loving, and we can count on Him to do what is right.

This Week’s Lesson: Jesus Taught About Prayer  

  • Bible Passage:  Luke 11; 
  • Story Point: Jesus taught people about God’s kingdom.
  • Key Passage: John 14:26 
  • Big Picture Question: What did Jesus teach while He was on the earth? Jesus taught about God and His Kingdom.

One of Jesus’ disciples said, “Lord, teach us to pray.” So Jesus told the disciples, “Pray like this: Father, Your name be honored as holy. We pray that Your kingdom will come. Give us the food we need every day. Forgive our sins like we forgive people who have done wrong to us. And do not let us be tempted.” Then Jesus told the disciples a story. “Imagine one of you goes to a friend at midnight and says, ‘Friend, let me borrow some bread. A friend came to visit me, and I don’t have anything to offer him.’ The friend shouts, ‘Go away! My family is in bed. I do not want to get up.’ Even though the man does not want to help his friend, he will get up and give his friend bread because he asked boldly.” Jesus told this story to teach about prayer. He said, “Ask, and it will be given to you. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened to you.” Jesus asked, “When a son asks for a fish, does his father give him a snake instead? Or if the son asks for an egg, does the father give him a scorpion?” Earthly fathers know how to give good gifts to their children. God is an even greater Father! He gives His Spirit to those who ask. Jesus told another story to teach the disciples to pray without giving up. “In a town was a judge who did not care about God or people. A widow went to the judge again and again, asking him to protect her from being mistreated. The judge did not want to help, but he said, ‘I will give this widow what she wants so she will stop bothering me.’” Jesus pointed out that the unjust judge did what was right because the widow did not give up. Jesus asked, “When people cry out to God day and night, will He ignore them? No! He will quickly make things right.” Jesus wanted His followers to have faith that doesn’t give up.

Christ Connection: Jesus taught us to pray. Because of Jesus, we can pray and ask God for everything we need. God is good and loving, and we can trust Him to care for us and to do what is right.


Babies and Toddlers

  • Jesus taught His disciples how to pray.
  • Prayer is talking to God.
  • God wants us to ask Him for what we need.
  • Because of Jesus, we can talk to God.
  • Jesus taught about God.


  • Jesus taught people how to pray.
  • What did Jesus teach when He was on earth? Jesus taught about God and His kingdom.

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Have a Blessed Sunday!


Kelly Davenport