Chase and Leslie

Middle East ()

Prayer Needs

Pray for language acquisition as they have a great teacher and are learning a new language. Pray that God would bless their minds and allow them to flourish and remember things.

Pray for them to find a good rhythm of life there. It is almost impossible to have a constant schedule in the their setting but in order for them to be effective, they would really like to have somewhat of a weekly schedule.

Pray for them to transition well and for peace during the confusion of cultural struggles as daily tasks like cooking and going to the store are far more difficult than they have ever been.

Pray for their team. Pray that God would provide more willing workers as there is much work to be done and too few workers. Pray that God would give their tiny team rest in Him as they labor.

Pray for the people of their region as many are having dreams and visions of Jesus. Please pray that Jesus continues to call them to himself and give them’ wisdom with what to say and when to say it.

the gospel in north africa and the middle east

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