In June 2021, our trustees voted to approve $1.25 million for our campus renovations. MG&A (Birmingham, AL) will manage, direct, and oversee the project. They have previously worked on other projects for BBC campuses and are currently working on a remodel for the Brentwood campus.

Our mission is to engage the whole person, with the whole gospel of Jesus Christ—anywhere, anytime, with anybody. With hundreds of people moving into our area, West Franklin will be cognizant of the times and care about inviting others to join us in the mission. A renovation of this magnitude will communicate purpose and relevance to our growing community.

What’s the Plan?

  • We will paint and remodel the building’s exterior, worship center, and
    fellowship hall (late October 2021 – Spring 2022).
  • During the remodel of the worship center, we will worship in fellowship
    hall (late October – early 2022).
  • Then, we will remodel the fellowship hall (early 2022 – Spring 2022).

Why a remodel?

  • It will give our worship center and fellowship hall a current look.
  • It will complement the look of our lobby, office, Next Gen wing, and playground.
  • It will compare to the overall look and feel of Williamson County.
  • Most people remodel their homes over the course of 15-20 years.

Why remove the pews?

  • Chairs create more space and seating (40+%) and allow opportunity for
    one service (for a season).
  • It allows flexibility for periodic church-wide events
    (i.e. Family Gatherings).


  • Online is our “front door,” and the stained glass impacts our ability to provide the best experience.
  • It helps control the look/feel of the room.
  • Our worshipers will no longer be distracted by the sunlight.


  • The worship center will become more of a multi-purpose/large meeting area.
  • It promotes multiplication by creating space for more groups.
  • It allow us to create a family restroom.
  • It provides necessary storage space.
  • It gives an updated look and feel for gatherings.

WHY change the exterior of the building?

  • Currently, the building is difficult to see from Highway 96 West.
  • The updated exterior will catch the eye of drivers.
  • A backlit cross is planned to fill the front of the building.