Lessons on the Road
The Cost
The Parables
Jesus on Mission
Christmas Eve 2020
Prepare The Way
We Are The Church
2021 Vision
Do Your Job
Disciples Multiplying Disciples
God is the Question
Now What
Easter 2020
No Ordinary Sermon
The Seven Sayings From the Cross
The Big Story
Living a Whole Life the Whole Way
Restoring the Soul
Come Lord Jesus
Seasons of the Soul
Wonder Women
Exodus: the Evacuation Experiment, Part Two: Evacuation Executed
God, Give Me a Sign: Seven Signs of Jesus in John
Gospel Conversations: You Will Be My Witnesses
Gospel of Mark: Authority
Gospel of Mark: Power
How Disciples Are Made
Just Like Barnabas
Sacrificial Love
Step Up and Step Out
The Evacuation Experiment
To Be Called Christians
True North
We Can Know